Purchased illustrious elephant ear plant (beautiful), then aphids infested, sprayed with ORTHO lawn and garden pesticide, all leaves turned brown the next day except 2 leaves still OK, 3 large new rolled up ready leaves to unfold (undamaged), but all lower baby sized leaves limp and brown. Do I cut all large and small brown leaves off or do I cut the whole stem at the base of plant for that damaged leaf? Would appreciate your help!


Elephant Ears tend to grow very fast. Just remove the brown leaves near the base and keep the soil moist and fertile. It will quickly rejuvenate itself and the plant will be beautiful again.


OK.  I have removed the brown leaves and yellow stems at the base of the plant as they were weak and easy to pull out from the dirt.  But how about the large healthy green stalks that have large (6 in. to 12 in) brown and burned leaves?  Do I only cut off the large brown leaves at the top of the 3 ft. plant (not the stalk attached to it)?  Or do I cut the entire stem (even if its green and healthy) off at the base of the plant that is attached to that particular unhealthy leaf where it is growing out of the dirt? Or somewhere in the middle so that the little crevices that new leaves emerge from stays intact? Sorry if I am not good at explaining myself, but my whole family loves the 3 elephant plants that we bought at your store and want them to survive!  
Thanx so much,

-Pamela & Family

Cut off all damaged leaves at the base of the stem making sure you don't damage the main stalk where new ears are formed.